Why you should move to Office 365

Why you should move to Office 365

With nearly 50 million active monthly users, Office 365 is changing the business landscape and increasing the wider adoption of Cloud services.

There are many scenarios in which migrating to Office 365 will help your business. Let’s look at a few of them.

Increased Collaboration

As your business grows it’s inevitable that you bring on new staff. When this happens companies often buy the latest box copy of Office meaning certain staff have the latest version and some don’t. This can result in the incompatibility of files and frustration when collaboration is needed.

By adopting Office 365 all of your staff members will benefit from the latest version and, with collaboration available in SharePoint and all Office documents online, productivity increases dramatically.

Increased mobility

Ever been out of the office and responded to an email, only to lose a copy of the response in the email thread when you return to your desk? As workforces are less office bound and increasingly mobile, it’s important that your staff can access their work and computer systems on the road.

With Office 365 Business Premium you get up to 5 devices per user licence which means the same emails and documents can be accessed on the go.


Within the more heavily regulated industries, companies have to comply to certain regulations by law, offering operational transparency as part of wider good business practice. In order to achieve this, email auditing and legal hold capabilities are needed.

With Office 365 you can add an Exchange Online Archiving bolt-on to any Office 365 plan. However, if you are a more sizeable business (300+ seats) then you should consider the E3 plan which comes with the archiving capability as standard. Having legal hold and auditing capabilities gives you the ability to audit emails, and can be used as legal evidence if required.

Stay up to date

Box copy versions of Office have less and less functionality over time; you don’t get the continuous updates which means that before long your copy of Office is out of date. Your files won’t interact with OneDrive properly and you’ll be missing out on new features.

Office 365, for most plans, is much more than just email – it’s a wealth of other programmes too including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher etc.. Office 365 not only keeps you up to date with security, but also ensures that you’re working in the most intuitive, easy-to-use, and feature loaded environment. You’re documents will always be compatible with OneDrive, SharePoint, and your colleagues too.

Increased Cashflow

When your Exchange server reaches its end of life, has a disk failure or goes up in smoke it can be a costly experience to replace it, never mind the expense of downtime on your business.

As Office 365 is Cloud based, you can ditch your Exchange server completely and pay a small monthly fee rather than paying out a big chunk of your budget all at once. Moving to a smaller Monthly bill rather than a large upfront investment will allow you to invest your money elsewhere because you’ll free up your cashflow.


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