Third of UK Schools Struggling with Tech

Poor broadband connections in remote areas hinder children’s learning because they cannot do their homework properly, a report has found.

Brian Wilson, director at Rural England said that pupils who grow up in rural communities are at a disadvantage compared to their urban dwelling peers, as they less able to access online learning resources and carry out research based projects.

A report by the campaign group, titled State of Rural Services 2016, said that rural communities are suffering due to poor transport links to vital public services.

Mr Wilson, who wrote the report, said: “A lack of a fast broadband connection is an issue in a lot of rural places. It is expanding but it is still the case that about a quarter of homes will be unable to get a broadband connection.

“Schools are increasingly using online learning materials, children are expected to do a lot of homework online. A slow connection at home makes it harder to do homework, particularly research based tasks, projects which involve trying to download attachments or large document.”

UK School Web Map


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