The Early Bug Problems with Windows 10

Microsoft’s newest operating system-Windows 10- is a welcomed breath of fresh air, creating a platform suitable for both desktops and tablets into one user interface.

Yet, there have been some noticeable problems right from the start.  It would be no surprise if you are one of the many users to experience certain bug problems such as the forced software update causing many to become stuck in a continual reboot loop..

Here we discuss some of the early issues you may have to tackle after upgrading to the work-in-progress Windows 10

Pain in the app

Default applications are not always the best.  Windows 10 uses a range of default associations with certain file types that most often than not just do not compete with other apps available for download. Although a relatively easy problem to fix, it is fairly painstaking especially considering all the hours you spent changing your default apps in Windows 8.  And even though Windows 10 has been in the testing phase for some time there are still also certain compatibility issues with older apps too.

Frequent OS updates

Unlike the previous OS systems, Microsoft’s strategy is to regularly update Windows 10 well after launch allowing new features to be added as the OS develops and errors can be solved on the go (no more continuous reboot loop).  Yet this brings problems for Windows 10 Home users as they are forced to allow the OS to install automatically.  Unlike in previous versions of Windows, the only option now available to you is to decide when your device restarts. Certain recent problems with a graphics-card driver update for example forced Microsoft to release a tool (available from, that allows you to block or uninstall certain updates.

Touchpad troubles

One other problem that has frequently been reported is trackpad issues.  Forums have been buzzing with complaints of the new upgrade distorting the accuracy of the touchpad among others.  If uninstalling and reinstalling comes to no avail then contacting the manufacturer or waiting for Microsoft to issue a patch is the next best option.

Currently, Windows 10 isn’t perfect and many Windows 7 users may be reluctant to upgrade. However, the production line of Windows 10 quick-fixes is hastily spilling out new updates, with patches and driver fixes emerging daily. With frequent updates these bug issues are likely to decrease with time leaving a modern Desktop operating system with everything you could want.  And if you’re a Windows 8 or 8.1 user then this is a well-awaited free upgrade that will refresh and rejuvenate your device with a welcomed long life expectancy.