The Benefits of Coding for Kids

The Benefits of Coding for Kids

Have your kids discovered coding? If not, then it is time to get them started!

Coding is how we communicate with a computer. It is ‘computer language’ and we can use this language to give a computer or website instructions.

Coding makes it possible for us to build websites, apps and computer games.

Learning to code offers many benefits to kids. It will not only expand their computer skills, but it can also help to develop their mathematics and problem solving skills.

Getting kids interested in coding from an early age will bring many advantages to their education and to their future. Many schools encourage coding in the classroom; however it is also a really great activity to do at home.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of coding for kids…

Coding develops problem solving skills

Computer programming teaches kids how to problem solve. With coding, kids learn to spot a problem and then break it down into smaller pieces in order to solve it effectively. This is called decomposition and is a key skill required for computational thinking. Decomposition is the process of breaking down a complex problem into smaller parts that are easier to understand. Practicing these skills will benefit your kid throughout their education and onto adulthood.

Coding enhances creativity

Kids learn to be creative through investigation and coding provides many opportunities to experiment with different scripts of code. Learning to code will also strengthen your child’s cognitive abilities, which will in turn enhance their creativity. Furthermore, computer coding motivates kids to use and appreciate technology; but it doesn’t stop there… Coding inspires kids to learn how to create technology. Instead of spending their time playing computer games, kids can use this time making their own!

Coding increases employment opportunities

Technology is developing at such a rapid rate, which is why coding is an extremely valuable skill for kids to possess. There are an increasing number of job roles which require computer coding skills, so a kid who learns how to code will have a wide range of employment opportunities available to them in the future. Another attractive advantage is the earning potential for coding and programming professionals.