Microsoft Windows 10 – Do Great Things….



29th July 2015 – Microsoft will launch Windows 10, reviews from around the world already stated it is the most easiest and accessible platform – completely personalised to its user. The Start menu has been expanded and almost looks like a smart phone page – listed with all your favourite applications, notifications and easy accessible documents & media files. Faster and robotically legitimate this new system will advance all businesses and the way staff operate their day to day electronic lifestyle, “it combines the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7” – Quoted by a Windows Insider.   newshutterstock_288103826 (1)

Windows 10 comes with an all-new browser that’s built to give you a better, customized fast web experience – the Microsoft Edge Browser, Write­2  handy and type notes directly on web pages to share to others. Microsoft launched a trial period for users around the world and feedback came back at its best, with sky high positive reviews –the top feature mentioned was the Multi-Task Interface – Easily view up to four apps at the same time, seeing all tasks open in a single view – you can also create virtual desktops, this is incredibly handy when you need the space or want to simply group and optimize your projects!

Surrey IT Solutions have been very excited about this launch and we will be here to help and answer any questions regarding the new update, our team of specialist have had their lucky paws on this new wonder and are ready to help you with any enquires.

shutterstock_270048053 There are so many new features which makes this update an experience which blows every other windows update out of the water, Windows Store, Cortana – your truly personal digital assistant, Touch2    Interaction and even XBOX Streamlined!







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