iPhone 5 and 5C Soon to be Obsolete

iPhone 5 and 5C killer: iOS 10.3.2

The next iOS update is 10.3.2 and will only be available on the iPhone 5S and newer. This is due to hardware limitations as all the previous iPhone models were 32-bit and the soon-to-be-released update will only be compatible with 64-bit processors. It is unlikely that these models will ever see an update again in their lifetime. The reason for this could be to push users of older models to purchase the newly-released iPhone 7.

iOS 10.3.2 will feature mostly standard security and bug fixes, ranging somewhere between 150-200MB. It brings bug fixes to Safari, iBooks, and the notification system, as well as a security update to the kernel that patched two vulnerabilities that Apple say “could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code”.

The update also claims to improve the performance of the battery. However, recent posts on social media by users who have updated complain of slow phone performance and app crashing.