British Airways IT Failure Leaves 75,000 Stranded

A recent British Airways IT failure has caused panic at 170 airports

British Airways is now starting to recover from a catastrophic IT failure that left 75,000 passengers in 70 countries stranded. British Airways CEO, Alex Cruz, said that a power surge “only lasted a few minutes”, and that the back-up system had not kicked-in. He also added that there was no evidence of a cyber attack.

Customers whose flights were cancelled are able to claim a refund or rebook their flights up until November 2017. British Airways has also provided hotel accommodation for those affected.

Questions still remain about why the power surge had such a large impact. There is a theory that once British Airways’ IT systems came back online, they were still unusable because the data was unsynchronised. British Airways then would have had to restore the data from a back-up, which could have been days old.

Theories about why this power surge happened revolve around British Airways’ outsourcing of IT to India, making hundreds of IT staff redundant.

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