Four Benefits of OneDrive

4 Benefits of OneDrive

Office 365 includes a multitude of different applications in one. On most Office 365 plans, you get more than just an email service; you get a whole host of other applications.

One of the applications that we get a lot of questions about is OneDrive. What is it? What does it do?

OneDrive has many benefits and can revolutionise the way your business works. Let’s explore these further:

1) Synchronisation and real-time collaboration

The documents that you’re working on are synced instantly across all your devices. Collaboration on PowerPoint, Word or any Office documents is available in real time as multiple users can access and make changes on files simultaneously.

You’re also able to work without internet access and your changes will be automatically updated the next time you connect to the internet. This means that no matter which device you’re working on or who you’re collaborating with, you’re always up to date with the latest versions of the files.

2) Easy file sharing

With OneDrive you’re able to easily share files both within and outside the company. Simply share the file to allow reviewing or editing. From a security perspective, the administrator can grant or rescind permissions (who the document can be shared with, who can view, who can edit etc.) meaning that you’re less likely to mistakenly share your documents.

3) Accessible on virtually any device

OneDrive can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Its intuitive design means it’s easy to use on many different devices. If you’re on an Office 365 plan that includes OneDrive, then you can install it on as many devices as you like. Alternatively, you can access it through a web browser.

4) It’s always up to date

A huge bonus of OneDrive is that because it’s a Cloud based solution, it’s always up to date. There’s no need for manual patching or upgrading because it happens automatically. This means that you’ll always have the latest features and benefits as well as an up to date secure Cloud workspace.

*Please note: OneDrive is included in all Office 365 plans except Exchange Online Plans 1 and 2. If you are on Exchange Online Plan 1 or 2 but you would like OneDrive then it is still available to you so please get in touch.